Based in Denver, CO12:09:12 pm

Hi there! I partner with studios and brands from around the world to build accessible and performant web experiences. New projects and collaborations always welcome.

New website projects must follow these specs to be considered:

Budget Minimums: $30k (standard) / $40k (ecomm)
Timeline Projections: 1 month (standard) / 2 months (ecomm)

Accepting Work for Q3 2022
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I build exclusively with the following tech stack: Next/Sanity/Vercel

Afraid of changing platforms? Listen to me talk about how going headless with Sanity benefits ecommerce brands.

  • – Headless CMS
  • – Shopify + API-based ecomm
  • – Marketing Websites
  • – Web Applications
  • – Microsites
  • – Splash Pages